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In the fast changing scenario of today’s world the computer has become an essential part of life. A person not conversant with this machine is a misfit in the world of Technology and Machines. M.A.M, Samrala aims to provide the best possible opportunities to its students as well as faculty to ensure eminence at consistent pace.

The Computer Lab of the school is fully configured with latest updated PCs with flat LCD panels. To keep pace with the world and to keep abreast of all the events happening in the world, the lab provides Internet facility to the students which help them to access the information on the global network during the school, but strictly monitored by the Teacher.

Dedicated and Competent staff takes pleasure in imparting computer education and to train the children to use the computers. “Computer the wonder machine helps bringing in technological revolution in education”. With an aim of achieving the same, the Computer Lab at MAM Samrala is equipped with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software to cater to the requirements of students, teachers and the prevalent curriculum. Availability of Broadband and internet connection and also the regularly updated software, facilitate the students as well as teachers to work for their assignments, projects and presentations.

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