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S. Jagir Singh Ji Charitable Trust

“I expect to pass through life but Once.
if therefore, there be any kindness
I can show or any thing good I can do for my fellow beings,
Let me do it now for I shall not pass this again…….”

Late Sardar Jagir Singh Ji took a clue from these lines and established a Charitable Trust in 1980 and laid the foundation stone of Max Arthur Macauliffe Public School. He had an intense desire to make an institute which could be comparable with the western world, in the field of education and development. With the grace of Almighty God and available resources, thus stood, by his commitments the edifice of knowledge to spread the light of literacy, to illuminate the hearts and widen the horizons of the thoughts and minds. The aims of the Trust have always been same at the core, adding each year, a strong aspect to implement in earnest, to move up the rungs of ladder of success. The interest & mission of the Trust confines not only to the educational Arena but aspires to traverse beyond, to the field of sports and Medicare system in rural Punjab, particularly to Samrala, Morinda and S.A.S Nagar. The Trust with broader aim of reforms in mind, envisages that learner should be provided with the opportunities to develop the necessary personality attributes, only then they shall be able to grow in to better human beings thus contributing meaningfully towards societal requirements and national expectations.

A Pray for all

“May your footprints on the sands of time
Be a Beacon to the lost mind,
And your good work like a distant chime
Let us know where we can find…….”

The Trust

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