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A Committed faculty

Max Arthur Macauliffe Public School has an extremely qualified and committed faculty. In fact, the already recruited staff has had exposure to latest educational systems in India and abroad. They are trained in the activity-based learning and teaching processes.

In addition, lesson planning, classroom performance and contribution to co-curricular activities are under constant supervision of the Principal herself who believes that the quality of teaching and learning must be of the highest order-day-by-day, hour-by-hour, and lesson-by-lesson.

The school is also committed to staff development through a wide range of on-going in-service programmes and workshops, which cover not only academics and but also areas such as psychological counseling, personality development and career counseling. The staff and the Parents are kept informed of all school events. Each child receives an individual Attention and feels comfortable to approach teachers for help in and out of classrooms.

 Faculty Details

1 Mr.Sanjeev Kumar Banyal M.Sc(Physics,B.Ed) 19yr PRINCIPAL
2 Mrs.Suman Banyal M.Sc(Maths,B.Ed) 14yr SENIOR COORDINATOR & PGT(Maths)
3 Ms.Lakhwant Kaur M.A(Pbi,B.Ed) 13yr Account Manager
4 Ms.Ramneek Kaur M.A(Hindi, B.Ed)M.LIB 6yr TGT
5 Ms.Jaswinder Kaur M.A(Pbi, B.Ed) 14yr TGT
6 Ms.Anjna Kapil M.A(Eco, B.Ed) 11yr TGT
7 Ms.Satinder Kaur M.A(English,B.Ed) 10yr PGT
8 Mr.Amit Thakur M.Sc(Bio, B.Ed) 2yr PGT Bio
9 Ms.Ginni Arora M.Sc(Chem.) 1yr PGT Chems.
10 Ms.Akwinder Kaur M.A(His,B.Ed) 3yr PRT
11 Ms.Amandeep Kaur GNM 6 PRT
12 Ms.Amanpreet Kaur M.A(B.Ed) 4yr PRT
13 Ms.Anjali Arora M.A(B.Ed) 1 PRT
14 Ms.Baljit Kaur M.A(Eng,B.Ed) 3yr PRT
15 Ms.Gagandeep Kaur M.A(B.ed,N.T.T) 4yr PRT
16 Ms.Harjot Kaur MSc(Maths) 1yr PRT
17 Ms.Harpreet Kaur M.A(Pbi,B.Ed) 5yr PRT
18 Ms.Harpreet Kaur M.A(Pbi,B.Ed) 4yr PRT
19 Ms.Harwinder Kaur B.Lib 1 PRT
20 Ms.Jagdeep Kaur MA(His,B.Ed) 3yr PRT
21 Ms.Jaspreet Kaur M.Sc(Zeo,B.Ed) 2yr TGT
22 Ms.Kavita Arora NTT 2yr PRT
23 Ms.Lovedeep Kaur B.Tech 3yr PRT
24 Ms.Mandeep Kaur M.A(Eco,B.Ed) 3yr PRT
25 Ms.Manjinder Kaur M.A(Pbi,B.Ed) 8yr PRT
26 Ms.Manjot Kaur MCA 2yr PRT
27 Ms.Manpreet Kaur M.Sc(Physics, B.Ed) 1yr PRT
28 Ms.Manpreet Kaur MCA 4yr Clerk (PRT)
29 Ms.Neha B.A(B.Ed, PGDCA) 2.5yr PRT
30 Ms.Nisha M.A(Hindi,B.Ed) 5yr PRT
31 Ms.Priya Verma M.A(B.Ed) 4yr PRT
32 Ms.Rajinder Kaur MSC.IT 1yr PRT
33 Ms.Ritu M.A(Hindi,B.Ed) 4yr PRT
34 Ms.Rupinder Kaur M.A(Pol.Sci,B.Ed) 2yr PRT
35 Ms.Satwinderjeet Kaur MSC.IT 1.5yr PRT
36 Ms.Sharanjit Kaur M.A(Eng,B.Ed) 3yr TGT
37 Ms.Talwinder Kaur M.A(Eng)Computer Diploma 2yr PRT
38 Ms.Daljit Kaur M.A(Pol Sci,B.Ed) 2yr PRT
39 Ms.Kamaljeet Kaur M.A(Pbi,His,B.Ed) Fresher PRT
40 Ms.Puneet Kaur M.Sc.(Bio Tech) Fresher PRT
41 Ms.Rupinder Kaur M.Sc.(Maths) Fresher PRT
42 Ms.Kirandeep Kaur B.A(B.P.ED) 5yr PRT
43 Ms.Amanpreet Kaur M.A(B.Ed) Fresher PRT
43 Ms.Amanjot Kaur B.A(Art & Craft) 1.5yr PRT
44 Ms.Nancy Aggarwal M.Com 1yr PGT
45 Ms.Gurpreet Kaur M.A(Eco,B.Ed) 1yr PGT
46 Ms.Mandeep Kaur M.Sc(Physics,B.Ed) 2yr PGT
47 Ms.Ramanjit Kaur M.Sc(Eco,B.Ed) Fresher PGT

Teacher’s Training

The Teachers are positioned on the front line when it comes to fostering a global perspective, a value that lies at the very heart of the school programmes. The school is committed to helping teachers convey and strongly support the application of the “Learner Profile” in every situation, often by modelling its characteristics and behaviours themselves.

We believe that all members of the community, teachers, parents as well as students should exemplify the “Learner Profile”.

Max Arthur Macauliffe Public School policy is to invest heavily in staff training. Teachers are provided opportunities to become more proficient in implementing the curriculum of the various CBSE programmes. All are expected to participate in workshops and seminars, both in school and with external trainers as well as to attend regional workshops

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